Linear Functions


A jar of marked crabs is dumped in the centre of a circle of radius 1.6 metres at time t = 0 seconds. The graph shows how five of the crabs fared in the race for the edge of the circle.

  1. Which crabs started immediately?
  2. Which crab got going last?
  3. Which crab won?
  4. Which two crabs ran at equal speeds?
  5. Which crab was the fastest?
  6. The rule for crab D is d = 0.05t . How long will it take to reach the edge of the circle if it maintains its speed?
  7. Find rules for other crabs.
  8. Use crab’s E rule to find the time, after the start, it would take to reach the edge of the circle.
  9. Enter your rules on your CAS calculator. Set the window and sketch the graphs to check that your rules are correct.



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