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Clash of the High Diving Clowns.

This problem solving activity is designed to be taken under test conditions. However, it can be easily adjusted as a learning task to do in class with students, in groups or in pairs with a follow up discussion.

Time: 45 Minutes.

At the circus Jack Splash and Billy Bomb are two high diving clowns.

Jack Splash must climb a vertical ladder to the platform, walk out to the edge of the platform and then perform his dive into a small tank of water below.

The height of the Jack Splash path over time can be modelled by the following equation:clown

Pedestrian Bridge Project

The pedestrian bridge over the Yarra River at Southgate (figure 33) was designed by the Melbourne architects, Cocks and Carmichael. The bridge is of bow truss construction and the curve of the arch is a parabola.

For the Pedestrian Bridge Project please email Mathexams Team.


Pedestrian Bridge Quadratic Project