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Webinar Series

Latest OS 4.5.1 for TI Nspire and 5.1 TI Nspire CX II

The latest OS 4.5.1 has just been released. Check new inverse binomial functionality, graphing relations and entering difference equations (recursive sequences). Easy way to change between Degree and Radian Mode, just one click.

New TI Nspire CX II CAS OS 5.0 is much more powerful, very useful for animating parametric equations and observing colliding particles.
Download Inverse Binomial TNS file.

Essential CAS skills Y10 end of year exam

TI Nspire Navigator

TI Nspire Navigator with wireless heads.
Use Polls, make the presenter, and lots of other options.

TI Nspire Navigator system


Explore inverse functions


Domain and range on TI Nspire CAS

VCE Further Mathematics


TI Nspire seasonal indices, VCE Further Maths

TI Nspire seasonal indices


Conversion Assistant OS 4.5

Conversion Assistant Converting units made easy


Graphing straight lines on TI Nspire

Sketching straight lines on TI Nspire CAS – Download

Ferris Wheel Assignment. Parametric equations.

Inverse functions zip


Notes Pages for distance and angle of inclination.


Sine and Cosine Rule

sine rule





Sine Cosine rule TI Nspire

sine rule tns file

cosine rule tns file