Task #1 Practice Application VCE Specialist Mathematics SM3
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The Application Task consist of four 58 minutes parts covering Complex Numbers, Functions,
Calculus (modelling with a logistic differential equation) with applications.

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• The Application Task will run in four 58 minutes periods.
• Each part is separate.
• You are allowed a CAS calculator and a bound book.
All answers must be given in exact form unless decimal accuracy is specified.
Part One: Coordinate geometry• Trigonometry• Graphs• Modulus• Piecewise functions.• Differential Calculus• Integral calculus.
Part Two: Trigonometry• Functions: even, odd, inverse• Modelling• Graphs• Differential calculus• Integral calculus
Part Three:• Complex Numbers: converting between cartesian and polar forms, powers of complex numbers• Sigma notation• Converging and diverging series• Plotting on Argand diagram• Parametric equations. Part Four: Differential Equations.