SM Unit 2 SAT Modelling the Lift Motion
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You will first explore a possible model for the motion of a heavy-duty freight elevator used to raise and lower equipment and minerals in a mineshaft. You will evaluate the model for its strengths and weaknesses and then create a set of specifications to develop a model of your own.


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In the VCE Specialist Mathematics Kinematics Modelling Task, you’ll embark on a fascinating journey into the world of heavy-duty freight elevators used in mineshafts. Your adventure begins with an exploration of an existing model for their motion. You’ll carefully examine this model, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be tasked with crafting a set of specifications to design your own unique model, a task that challenges your mathematical prowess and creativity. This hands-on exercise will test your kinematics skills and problem-solving abilities as you navigate the intricate dynamics of elevator motion in mining environments. An exemplary solution is provided so you can compare your model to another one.