VCE SM SAT Application Task Unit 2
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In this multifaceted task, students will encounter a series of interconnected problems and scenarios that require them to demonstrate their expertise in various mathematical domains. The overarching theme revolves around modeling and solving complex problems, allowing students to integrate their knowledge across these mathematical topics.


The Specialist Maths Application Task is a comprehensive assessment that challenges students to apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills in the domains of complex numbers, trigonometry, vectors, parametric equations, functions, and graphs. This task is designed to promote a deep understanding of these advanced mathematical concepts and their practical applications in real-world scenarios.

The Specialist Maths Application Task aims to assess students’ ability to:

  • Apply complex number operations effectively.
  • Utilize trigonometric principles to solve problems and analyze data.
  • Work with vectors to solve geometric and physics-related problems.
  • Employ parametric equations to describe dynamic systems.
  • Understand and manipulate various functions and graph them in context.
  • Demonstrate logical reasoning and problem-solving skills in complex, interconnected mathematical scenarios.
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