VCE SM Unit 1 Exam
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The VCE Specialist Mathematics Unit 1 examination aims to gauge students’ grasp of advanced mathematical concepts and their ability to apply these concepts to solve complex problems. Successfully performing in this examination is crucial for students looking to excel in mathematics and pursue higher education or careers in fields that require strong mathematical skills.





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During this examination, students are evaluated on their proficiency in advanced mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills, which may include: Algebraic Proficiency: Assessment of algebraic techniques, including equations, inequalities, and algebraic manipulation and complex numbers. Functions and Relations: Evaluation of understanding and application of functions, including domain, range, and transformations. Mathematical Proof: Assessing students’ ability to construct mathematical proofs and logical arguments. Trigonometry with applications. Problem Solving: Challenging mathematical problems that require creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Two papers are provided.

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