VCE SM Unit 2 Exam
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If you need more practice to prepare for your Unit 2 exam in Specialist Mathematics, you will find an excellent preparation here. Also, if you have done the exam but you feel that some holiday revision would help in preparation for Y12 SM, then try those papers. Contact us for fully worked solutions with CAS hints and tips.


Unit 2 Exam in VCE Specialist Mathematics. Two papers, Paper 1 without CAS and Paper 2 with the CAS calculator and notes (bound book) to mimic the Y12 end of year examination. The papers cover Complex Numbers, Vectors, Graph Theory, Kinematics including projectile motion, graphs, Trigonometry, Matrices with Transformations, Coordinate Geometry, Parametric Equations and Regions in a Complex Plane. An excellent revision of all those important topics to make you ready for Y12.