Year 10 Activity Linear Graphs Buying a Car on Instalment
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Modelling activity for Year 10 Maths students. To teach students how to model the cost of buying a car on installment using linear equations and graphs.


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Modelling with linear graphs via a real life situation. What is the better option when buying a car on instalment? Practice sketching linear graphs, solve simultaneous equations, compare the two options graphically and algebraically. Interpret graphical and algebraic solutions.

    • Have students analyze the graph and draw conclusions.
    • Ask questions like, “How many months will it take to pay off the car?” or “What’s the total amount paid in installments?
      • Discuss the importance of understanding installment plans when making financial decisions.
      • Explore variations, such as changing the down payment or interest rate, and see how they affect the graph.
      • Provide practice problems for students to create linear equations and graphs for different car purchase scenarios.
      • Encourage them to calculate the total cost of the car over time.